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If I like to drink and can’t control myself and I party everyday, people can’t blame that on a BGLO. We need to deal with the root of that problem. What emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues abound that makes this person substitute God for their drink?

All of this was originally intended as the job for real families and the church. In reality – based on scripture – the organization called the church was instituted to minister to the social needs of those in our community and world in the first place. I told you earlier that this was good and bad. Many BGLOs are dependent upon 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 year olds to transmit information that is really beyond them and cannot be fully understood in the context of a college experience. I can’t tell you (I’m sure you’ve got some stories too) the number of mistakes in life I made because I did not properly research the facts. One preacher says all the time, facts are your friends!

And on that note, we are not our depression

And it can getseriouslyfrustrating dating someone who just can’t seem to get their head around it or – worse – ‘doesn’t believe’ in being depressed (IT’S NOT A UNICORN, IT’S A MEDICALLY DEFINED ILLNESS). Those in relationships with a depressed partners can learn to be supportive while not sacrificing their own needs. “Having a partner with an interesting sex life in their history can result in you two joining each other in an ongoing sexual adventure now.” Just because you have your Master’s and your partner didn’t finish college, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re intellectually incompatible. If this is something that makes you feel insecure, licensed psychologist Rachel Needle, Psy.D., suggests figuring out what aspects of their past bother you, and try to understand why.

Pro: Social Identity and Skills

In addition, most NPHC members I have known would look negatively on your leaving one affiliation for another. They definitely believe that your pledge is for life and would look down on you for leaving one group for another. Greek Life This forum is for various discussion topics regarding greek life. If you are posting a non-greek related message, please do so in one of the General Chat Topic forums.

NO, but I know someone who claimed to have done this. I know for a fact that she pledged ZETA and she did transfer schools and when she came back she was sporting crimson and cream and saying she was now a DELTA. Like I said, she did pledge ZETA here at my school for sure, was very active here with the Zeta’s so, I think she is telling the truth about her being a Delta now. I could be wrong but it is to my understanding that you cannot be a member of another NPHC sorority or fraternity.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council at The Ohio State University (NPHC-Ohio State), which started as the Black Greek Council, was chartered in the fall of 1995. The National Pan-Hellenic Council at The Ohio State University is the umbrella agent for the nine historically black Greek lettered organizations charted at The Ohio State University. Although the council was chartered in 1995, the organizations have existed on campus dating back to 1911. I also understand that much of the literature regarding this question is lopsided on multiple fronts. I have found that most people that are violently opposed on either side have some sort of vendetta for or against Christians, or against fraternities/sororities, and/or individual people.

We probably won’t fit into the depression stereotype

If someone is really interested in you before you tell them you have herpes, they probably will be afterward as well. That makes it less likely that they’ll feel exposed and/or linked here betrayed. If you like someone enough, herpes can be just something you have to work with. Just like you have to work with a partner’s snoring or their affection for mornings.

If you have to voice a concern, you can talk to your chapter members. But if you do, keep it factual and less based on hearsay. Gossip breeds dissension, division and distrust. Learn how to agree to disagree when necessary. We have a responsibility to represent our founders and their mission to full capacity and the best of our ability.

There are drug dealers that provide financial stability to their families. There are doctors that provide medical attention to their family and friends (improper drug prescriptions, etc. – I think we have Michael Jackson’s case to prove this one!). There are politicians who provide favors to their constituents at the price of a vote. As well, many of the organizations include things like “seeing the light” and “obtaining truth” which are direct opposites to what scripture promotes. Being an initiate of a BGLO wasn’t the ONE THING that I had to deal with as I’ve gotten mature. But when a person only looks at one element and misses the root of the problem, we misdiagnose the cure.

Organizational symbol burned into members, usually on the arms or chest. Relates to scarification practiced by African tribes. Branding is a voluntary process, not a requirement for membership.