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When Mark tells Lexie, she appears at him with disbelief and then storms out of his condo. Mark desires to make things proper, however Lexie won’t speak to him, so he arranges for Jackson to find out what’s bothering Lexie, in trade for scrubbing in on his surgery. Lexie, with tears in her eyes, spills the beans to Jackson about how Mark has left her behind once once more and doesn’t care about how she feels. Jackson decides to not tell Mark because he feels like Lexie advised him this in good faith.

When Izzie was revealed to be quite sick, Meredith provided her marriage ceremony to Izzie and Alex and Alex made her his best man for the wedding. When Izzie left the hospital after being fired, Meredith grew to become a supply of help. She rang Izzie to inform her to return back as a end result of Alex may be shifting on, after witnessing Alex and Reed flirting and the following morning she found Lexie and Alex in bed collectively however suggested them to maintain it secret. There isn’t any sexual attraction between the two, as shown when Meredith sits within the toilet and has a lady talk with Alex. When Derek walks in and looks at the two of them, she explains by saying he’s being a woman for her right now. At Jo and Alex’s marriage ceremony, Andrew drunkenly kissed Meredith, and he or she rejected his advances, although she informed him she was flattered.

This is the exact second gray’s anatomy jumped the shark

These episodes are Meredith-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life. After begrudgingly accepting the position, Meredith spent six months as interim Chief of Surgery. With funding from the Fox Foundation, she turned the OR’s into state of the art operating rooms with extremely fashionable gear. Together with Richard and Maggie, she constructed a brand new residency program geared toward hiring interns who had been fired from other packages or whose private stories had prevented them from succeeding within the traditional trajectory. After reconnecting with him during a complicated transplant, she satisfied Nick to just accept the place of residency director. A month later, Meredith met Gerlie Bernardo, who was being discharged after having spent a month in the hospital with COVID.

Grey’s anatomy jumped the shark with its musical episode

Honorable point out of when gray’s anatomy nearly jumped the shark: the time izzie sleeps together with her dead fiancé

She shared that Meredith hadn’t been matched to Seattle Grace at first till Richard reached out to the NRMP to make a personal recommendation, which landed Meredith her spot. Alex testified about Meredith making him a better individual and surgeon. He stored her kidnapping of Zola quiet and stated delays happen on a daily basis. The prosecutor suspected it had something to do with Meredith’s being fired. Paul then started pressing him to answer, asking if Meredith’s insubordinate habits had nearly price her her daughter. Meredith shot up and advised him that he had no proper to talk about her daughter as he had been the one to kill her father as he uncared for to do even fundamental burr holes, let alone a head CT.

Honorable mention #3: the time grey’s anatomy had a lion roaming seattle

Pathology revealed that the obstruction was attributable to lymphoma, which means they were looking at years of treatment and follow-up. Although many Grey’s Anatomy followers don’t appear to consider in Meredith and Nick’s romance, it’s potential viewers will be won over ultimately. When Speedman joined the medical drama as a sequence common, Pompeo claimed that the “audience will feel” the chemistry between Nick and Meredith.

When all is said and done, the musical episode of gray’s anatomy is the precise shark-jumping moment

They began courting once more, but Derek later complained that she was constantly leaving him and that she must be nervous that the highlight of his week was meeting one other lady at Joe’s. When Cristina and Burke called off their marriage ceremony, she broke up with Derek, not convinced that relationships may work. They tried to remain apart but began having break-up intercourse, and mockery.