Ask The Experts: How Do I Make A Good Online Dating Profile?

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, mention it – on Elite Singles, you’ll get up to 73% more messages than the average user. No reason to think it wouldn’t work the same way on any other dating app… You’ll want to find the happy medium of profile answers that are long enough to really let people get to know you but not so long that people aren’t reading them. While there is no fixed rule on this, here is a general idea you can follow.

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This could be a nice closure to the fact that, sure, you dated, but now you’ve both moved on and are both OK with it. I’m a hardworking guy who is looking for someone to share my life with. I’m an easygoing guy who loves to have a good time.

Everything about any means everything to start fresh. A girl who’s looking for someone who is too seriously. Dividing your cup of just didn’t work for a great hair and smart, i love to drop me both of dates! This sounds like it’s time to ski and ambitious! Looking for advice on dating profiles while being poly and demi.

of the biggest dating app bio red flags, as told by users

This bio is down-to-earth and shows that the person is looking for more than just a pretty face. It will make potential matches smile and want to learn more about the person behind the profile. Listed above are the needs and wants and thought processes of a good number of men.

My roots are in the best beaches of the most beautiful West African country; the sound of ocean waves mixed with afrobeats is my happy place. Bonus if you guess the right country 🤩. Looking for a kind and ambitious dance partner who is up for a dope time at a Silk Sonic concert. A free-spirited vibration creating life as an authentic woman with balanced principles. Conversation and reflection support my evolution yet reminds me of “my tribe.” Looking for an accountable man who is ambitious, generous, and values thoughtfulness with care.

In our Love App-tually series, Mashable shines a light into the foggy world of online dating. See how your bio holds up against this ruthless list of red flags. I am a free spirit with tons of energy. Love smiling as much as I love giving a blowjob. I want to find a man who will be my best friend and who I can share my life with.

Just when you think you have your dating profile perfect, you’ll find opportunities to improve it. You should constantly be working to make your profile as accurate, up to date, and awesome as you can. For some reason, women dating online have an issue with doing this.

Nothing that we say is going to make this easy, but we are going to help make it easier. We’re going to do our best to lighten the load, though. The About Me section of your dating profile doesn’t have to as hard as it probably already seems. You really can’t go wrong with using a quote as your dating site headline.

You’re bound to find a bit of everything everywhere. Don’t discard an app because it’s got a certain reputation , but do keep in mind you might be more likely to bump into a different set of expectations there. I’m Erin Carson, staff reporter, resident young-enough person, refrigerdating correspondent, curator of odd stuff on the internet, most likely to leave you on “read.”

I re-vamped my profile back in January & February to really tailor it towards what I want, who I am, and the fact I want a life partner. After meeting so many matches, I really know what I’d like which is to find the one who I can share a life with and possibly have a family with in the near future. I’ve also worked on myself a lot since January and focused on things I’d like to do. I definitely think I’m in a pretty good spot now with everything. Your dating profile is what potential dates will see when they find you on a dating app, and it’s what will help them decide whether or not they want to message you. Jessica is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience in both lifestyle and clinical health topics.

Use this short and simple “Ask me about…” template to steer your chat convo toward that one weird interest or fun fact about yourself you’re dying to share. I’m looking for an interesting girl with a good sense of humor, who wants to go out on dates and do fun stuff together. I’m just looking for a friendly fun girl to hang out with. I’m not really looking to settle down and just want to enjoy life.