About Us


With a brand new restaurant in the bustling hub of Downtown Dubai, Mori Sushi has introduced a variety of deliciously unique concepts to the food-lovers of Dubai, making its presence felt on the gastronomic stage of the UAE.

The now famous and celebrated Mori brand began its culinary journey in the city of São Paulo, as a small, yet brilliantly innovative establishment at the heart of Brazil. News of the restaurant’s freshness, flair and exquisite taste soon spread throughout the city and before long, a cult following surrounded the Mori restaurant.

The love that the people of Brazil expressed for the innovative establishment proved to be an irresistible lure for a group of young Egyptian entrepreneurs who were exploring the city. The deal was made and their Japanese-trained partner – the now head chef – joined ranks with the Mori owner to learn everything he could about his state-of-the-art and delicious menu. The team fused qualita salute sessuale con spedizioni traditional Japanese sushi with the vibrancy of Brazilian cuisine and, in 2016, brought the unique concept to the flavour connoisseurs of Dubai.

Mori Sushi’s innovative philosophy, including its pioneering grill menu, internationally recognized standards, stringent quality control and unparalleled expertise make visiting the restaurant an experience you will not soon forget. Taste the essence of Mori Sushi and experience a true culinary sensation.